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Statue of Responsibility Bronze

Bronzes for Sale

The Statue of Responsibility is raising funds to move the project forward. If you would like to purchase a bronze of the statue they are for sale.

Persons who are interested in purchasing a bronze of the statue can reach out to Thomas Antus at (218) 409-3253  . These wonderful statues would be a great addition to any gallery and would help to create a inspiring monument for our great nation.

Bronze for Statue of Responsibility

Statue of Responsibility Bronze Cast

The Statue of Responsibility is bronzed! Currently, Bronzes are to Raise awareness of the statue Project. In total, there will be a total of three made to inspire to create this great concept to become a monument.

Bronzes are going to be gifted to politicians. Eventually, There will be three cast, one given to the President of the United States, Mayor of San Francisco, and Governor of California.

To find out more about the statue of responsibility, visit our front page at

If you would like to help support this great inspiration to humanity, visit