This is a huge proposal to build a national monument over the existing prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, California. It shows a family together going in different directions. The Father going north for adventure, the mother south for warmth and comfort, the young girl east for wisdom, the boy west to seek a new future and a baby looking skyward to the limitless possibilities that life can offer..

The statue is proposed to stand 750 feet tall and will house the history of mankind. With over 20 attractions it will contain a museum with all the great achievements and arts of man to inspire all who enter to do great things in their communities. We propose that the youth of the nation and different colleges participate in the engineering and design of the different attractions. When the proposed monument to humanity is built, it will bring in many people therefore paying for itself. The proceeds are proposed to go directly to our national parks.

Echoing the voices of many great men, the statue will complement Liberty on the east coast with Responsibility on the west. Our plan at this time is to make three bronze statues and to submit them with a proposal to the President of the United States, the Governor of California, and the Mayor of San Francisco.

The goal we wished to achieve in sending the bronze statues to the elected officials was to have them see the monument first hand and put them on display for others to view them.

This website needs more photos, so we are looking for anyone to superimpose the monument on the island from different directions. Email them to It would be gratefully appreciated. Remember, the father is looking North.

The artist, Thomas Antus, pledges to give all proceeds from the sale of his artwork to this project. Help us make this happen, you may also help with a donation.

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Alacatraz History

Contents of The Statue

Inside the statue will be exhibits depicting the evolution of of mankind in areas such as art, literature, science, music and human emotion. The plans would include all the layers of history evidenced in the structures already on Alcatraz Island. We intend on integrating the strategic protection of San Francisco Bay during the gold rush, effects of the Civil War on the west coast, and the beginnings of the Native American Civil Rights Movement. Bringing tourists would provide events, foods and tours. Revenues would be proposed to fund the national parks.