As Liberty Stands For The East Coast

Imagine, driving around San Francisco and out in the bay where Alcatraz was, a very large statue: Responsibility. A family together yet going in different directions. The monument stands seven hundred and fifty feet and houses the history of mankind, drawing up to one hundred thousand people per day, blossoming the entire bay area. The monument will compliment Liberty on the east coast with Responsibility on the west. Showing the world America realizes that with Liberty must come Responsibility.

Statue Design

The design is of a family together yet gazing in all directions. It depicts a young girl looking east in search of a new beginning, a young boy west for adventure, the mother south of warmth and comfort, the father north of guidance and a baby looking skyward to the limitless possibilities that life can offer. We are a Human Family.

This statue was designed to be seen from a long distance. At night, the monument will light up and move. The color will reflect whatever you wish on any given day.

All that is asked of you is to check out the statue and contact (with your email) the elected officials. Then, take a moment to email all your friends to do the same. Thank you!

Finally, one of our major goals is to eliminate Alcatraz. If nothing else, return the island to its original state.

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Contact Elected Officials

Statue samples have been sent. We ask you to send your opinion of The Statue Project to the following public officials. Email responses show more support for this project.